In this deliverable Gunhild Hagestad discusses results from the Lifetiming module in the ESS round 3 questionnaire.

The aim of work package 4 is to study variations in support for family obligations within and across countries, to examine the relationship between attitudes towards family responsibility and actual provision of support, and to explore the impact of family and health changes on attitudes and support patterns. In this deliverable Katharina Herlofson, Gunhild Hagestad, Britt Slagsvold and Anne-Mette Sørensen review a number of analyses which have been carried out within the framework of work package 4.

Using Dutch GGS data, this deliverable synthesizes some key findings from research in Workpackage 4. The aim of that workpackage is to gain insight in differential feelings of family obligations.

The second working paper for WP4 is a report on divorce and intergenerational family obligations using the Dutch GGS, written by Belinda Wijckmans and Jan van Bavel.